Monday, December 7, 2015

Tarte launch: Makeup Setting Spray

I like wearing a full face of makeup, but I hate when my skin looks ultra-matte. It's just not my thing. But there's a major issue here — most makeup-setting sprays leave your face 100% shine-free. And when you're like me, and you always smudge your cat-eye without fail, a setting spray is necessary. But am I supposed to go around looking chalky all the time just to keep my makeup from sliding off? Not anymore.

Tarte launched its Miraculous Maracuja Makeup Setting Spray — a revolutionary product that helps your makeup stay put while also hydrating your skin. This means the color on your eyes and lips won't slip, and you can still rock a dewey complexion. Tarte infused its signature maracuja oil into the spray, along with some other plant extracts that add radiance and moisture to your skin.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I'm happy to report that this formula does live up to its claim, to a degree. After putting on all my makeup (concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight, and a cat-eye that I can sketch in two minutes flat), I gave myself a nice mist with this stuff and let it dry (it took about a minute). After it settled, I noticed a difference between it and other setting sprays: My skin didn't feel tight. 

This feeling continued throughout the day. My makeup stayed put, and my skin felt dewey and looked radiant. I was seriously impressed — I usually manage to smear my liner by lunchtime, and this stuff kept it solid. But by the time I left work, I started noticing a little slippage. Now, to be fair, that was eight hours of uninterrupted primo makeup. But the matte-textured sprays I've used in the past worked a little longer, which makes sense. 

Bottom line? If you're looking for makeup that will stay for 12 hours without so much as a minor smear, you might want to stick to your matte sprays. But if a dewey complexion and makeup that stays most of the day sounds like something you're into, then you're going to want to pick up Tarte's latest. It's become a regular in my beauty rotation, which means I get to stay hydrated and radiant all season long.


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