Sunday, September 25, 2016

Staying Organized and Everything New

I learnt being organized  will make work easier so I decided to start getting more organised with everything.
I started with buying note books to take down important notes of what I read online, the YouTube channel  I watch, books I want to read and so many more.

I am not good at organizing  stuffs but I am doing my best to see that I stay organised. I saw and learnt this from @vasseurbeauty who always talks about  staying  organized  and all .

Because my work is getting  more complex  I had to get a new laptop HP 15-ac130nia and a new phone infinity hot4. I would have loved to get a Samsung  or an iPhone  but I usually  misplace or lose my phone so for now I don't want to buy an expensive  phone.  I am so careless when it comes to phone, I have lost about 3 phones between last  year and this year. 

I am not good at editing  pictures  but I am taking classes for that online and you will all see improvements.

I will be looking  forward to you guys comment and know that you will be noticing improvements in my site and post everytime please bear with me. I will make a DIY post of my books and what I used.

xoxo royalbiba out. 

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