Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Year's Eve: where you should spend it

Another New Year's Eve is right around the corner and it's time to decide where to ring in 2016! So, we asked the members of travel website, where they would spend December 31st if they could spend it anywhere on the planet.
Would you spend New Year's somewhere else if you could spend it absolutely anywhere? Click here to tell us about it!
1. Buzios, Brazil
"Buzios, is/was the best NYE I've sent in my entire life. You ask me why: the weather, the inexpensive hotel/pousada, the beach at night, especially at midnight when all locals - I mean thousands of people, traditionally wearing all-white or yellow clothing, stepping over seven waves and throwing the long-stem white lily in the water for good luck, and after that roaming the island on a lovely parade drinking, laughing, singing and listening to loud music until dawn." - Trippy member David Nader
2. Paris, France
"Paris. Final answer." - Trippy member Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer of Colorado
3. Edinburgh, U.K.
"Edinburgh! Even though it's so close to home for me (England) I have never been and the Hogmany event they have for New Years seems pretty legendary!" - Trippy member Rebecca Wood of New Zealand
4. Antarctica
"Antarctica!" - Trippy member Rena McLeod
5. Sydney, Australia
"Sydney Harbour from a boat." - Trippy member Maria O'Dwyer of Dublin, Ireland
According to Trippy members this is a far cry from Perth, Australia which they named one of the "Worst Cities on the Planet"!
6. Cook Islands
Photo by Robert Linsdell via Flickr
"Cook Islands. First to see the sun." - Trippy member Nardine Hunt of Tamworth, United Kingdom
7. Reykjavik, Iceland
"The biggest one on my bucket list is probably Reykjavik. The constant fireworks is supposed to be epic (do a YouTube search and see for yourself). I love that country, and I really want to go back and experience NYE there." - Trippy member Steve Gray of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
8. Madeira, Portugal
"Madeira, just check it out...The most amazing show in an incredible environment." 
- Trippy member Gonçalo Hall of Lisbon, Portugal
9. Tasmania, Australia
Photo by Nomad Tales via Flickr
"I would go to Tasmania for the Taste of Tasmaina Festival and then road trip around the beautiful island. There's so much to do and see!" - Trippy member Alicia Saba of Austin, Texas
10. A Remote Jungle Somewhere in Latin America
"It used to be the international date line "two for one." I believe some companies still do it. It's where you celebrate at some place on the west side of the date line, and then hop on a plane to celebrate on the other side of the date line. Now, it's probably some remote place in a jungle in Latin America on a boat, or a house rented with friends, with good wine, and a bunch of fireworks." - Trippy members Jacey & Scott Mahaffy of Fort Collins, Colorado
Would you spend New Year's somewhere else if you could spend it absolutely anywhere? Click here to tell us about it!


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