Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I enrolled for makeup class or training

Hi lovelies, 
I just enrolled as an intern at a makeup studio (Reola Beauty) and they were having a promo class, so I decided to learn also with other promo student to gain experience and see how better they are than I am.

The first week i came this are all we learnt.

drawing of brows on your arm

And drawing my own brows

On Tuesday my brow and a colleague's brows. 

Then we learnt how to apply eyeshadow. 

On Wednesday we repeated eyeshadow application and drawing of brows

My colleague Efe did my eyeshadow and drew my 

I did the same for her. 

But on that same day a girl (Hafeeza who is now schooling in Ukraine) who was almost through with her session for the makeup training made me up. 

The funny thing is I don't use red lipstick but she said that was want she wanted me to use and it kind of look good.

On Thursday we repeated the same thing as Wednesday. 

I also decided to tie gele (head gear) just for fun. 

We only go for the training from Monday to Thursday but for the session I picked I go through out the week. 

On Friday I decided to makeup my my friends who works for my mum.

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