Saturday, January 28, 2017

15 Thing You May or May not Know about Me

Hi lovelies,

I really want things to work out really well by next year and I am sure, I'll be able to do more by then, so you guys should expect more next year.

So let's get talking, hahaha sorry writing. Things you guy possibly know about me are not so much, That is why I decided to write this post.

  1. I work for my mum at her phone shop in computer village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It's not easy working in that market, from 7-7 an from Monday to Saturday. I think I talked about it a little here
  2. I do business of selling phones and accessories but mostly for my mum and at times to keep body and soul  together or if I have customers for them. 
  3. The businesses I love the most or should I say my future business is sales of fashion items like clothes, shoes, bags and other piece like sunglasses, earrings, bangles etc and Makeup product or should I cosmetics  and having  a beauty salon where you can come in buy beauty products, make you hair, do your manicure, pedicure, and spa so you go home happy and clean. I so so love  the idea of my future business.
  4. I want to be a professional makeup artist, blogger and a traveller. I love make up because it make you look more define and it gives this adult look that I love and I love being a blogger because when I am behind this button or screen I feel like pouring out my mind or should I say that is when I am myself.
  5. I knew about blogging  when I saw this show on ETV called Fashion Blogger Show or so. I just love everything about them, their lifestyle, how they relate, how they take pictures  and all. Whispering... "dont tell anyone, I love taking pictures". 
  6. I am a Makeup Artist but not a professional yet. But now I have started a makeup class so I'll be a professional  anytime soon, but I'll tell you all about it on another post, so that will be another story of its own. I love making faces beautiful. 
  7. I love traveling to places, seeing new places, new facing making friends  and all but to tell you the truth I am afraid/scared of crowd I get scared to talk to just anyone, and I don't go out so much but I am learning to do that now.
  8. I hate boredom it drives me crazy, that's why I make sure I don't run out of internet subscription  completely.
  9. I love instagram, it keeps me busy and makes me happy seeing pictures  of people, quotes, inspirational/motivational stuffs, bags, shoes, beauty products, fashion and lifestyle etc. They give me goosebumps.
  10. I am the only girl in my family, I do the cooking and washing of plates and my immediate brother 'the artist' sweeps the house and wash the bathroom. I have three naughty brothers the two smaller ones are in boarding school.
  11. I buy my clothes, bags and shoes from Nigerian Army Arena Shopping Centre mostly or I go to Lagos Island to get them.  I work and struggle alot to get myself clothes, shoes, bags and all I need.
  12. I love photograph. I love taking pictures. My mum always say "Biba one day God will not let someone carry you away with pictures ", that's why it's on my wish list to get instax camera and canon. 
  13. There are many things I'll love to do but I haven't gotten the opportunity due to some challenges. My family want me to get married soon. 
  14.  I love anything fashion,beauty. I can use my last dine to buy clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products and gadgets. 

  15. I am still not having enough money to develop myself so much but I'll get there soon. I give myself hope alot because I know what I want for myself. 

Sometimes, I wish I was a model because I love what they do but I don't like exposing too much of my body that's a reason why I am not into it.

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