Friday, June 1, 2018

How I moved from this site to another

I moved from this free blogger account to my personal account which is

I have really upgraded as a blogger and I'll like my viewers to let me know what they'l like me to post more on my new blog.

MY new blog is a year old and I have tried as much as possible to get a hold of it.

It is a personal blog that I'll like to share many things about my life, what I love, about trips, travels, events and many more and I'll like you all to move to this new blog with me.

I have missed you all and if you also want me to always drop something here for you.

I'l be really happy to do that because I love getting informations across to you.

If you want to contact me through my social medias my links are in my new site and post.

Reasons for moving.

To serve you better.
To be able to influence more people
To be seen as a serious blogger
To have a nice and pretty theme
To understand and interact with my viewes

I've learnt many thing through this journey as a blogger. I've met lots of amazing people and done lots of things.

To know more about all me and my new blog check it out with the link above or this link ---▶️

I'l love you check it out leave comment and share the posts and also let me know what you'l love to see more on my blog.

Biba of royalbiba

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