Friday, February 3, 2017

The GTBank Fashion Weekend

Hi lovelies,

I didn't post this all this while because I misplaced most of the pictures, it was so annoying.

My experience at the Fashion Weekend was great but I was upset I didn't go on Saturday too. I missed the master classes most especially Sam Fine's work on a model and hearing him talk about himself, his success, challenges and CEO of Zaron Cosmetics talking about  her experience and all.

I couldn't attend because of the Bridal Makeup. Anyways the Sunday programme was nice. I got there late so I didn't go for the first master class.

I got there and was feeling  tired I picked one of the GTBank customised bottle water to drink and walk around to see the products they had for sales ( which I know I can't buy due to how broke I am).

Took the picture on my way there.

Took these when I got there. 
When I got in, I met a pretty lady and we got talking, she is model and I really like her, so we became friends. 

It was fun. I missed seeing a blogger friend @kenekingsley at the show because he came late and I was rushing back home around 6:30 and got home 8:00.

Love @royalbiba

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