Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas party makeup

Whether you want to sparkle, smoulder or seduce this party season, magical make up can be yours. Rosanna Rothery quizzes Barnstaple make-up artist Trude Bosence about top party looks for 2015
Vintage Vixen
To get Fifties Hollywood Glam, follow these simple steps that Trude used on Ria Jayd George from Combe Martin to give her a retro glamour.
1. Apply a light shade all over the eye.
2. Apply a dark eye liner with a flick to the outer edges. Not very good at getting a neat flick? Try using sticky tape and positioning it under the eye. Draw the eye liner on with a slight tilt. Gels liners are good for this. When happy, simply take off the sticky tape and you will have nice neat line.
3. Apply a light shade under the bottom lashes to make the eye look big and wide.
4. A good false eyelash will really make the eyes stand out. Try tapered eyelashes that are slightly longer on the outer edge.
5. Red lipsticks in dark colours also look great with this look as you haven't gone heavy with the eyes.
Naturally Gorgeous
If you prefer to let your natural beauty shine through, try this simple make-up look that Trude used on mums Birdie Hopkins, from Barnstaple, and Louise Shaddick to bring out their innate gorgeousness.
1. Matt works and works better with mature skin.
2. Use a good, large blending brush. If you only buy one brush make sure it's a good blending brush as this will make or break your look.
3. Apply a medium colour – don't go too light or you won't see it – to your lower lid up to the crease-line of your eye. Blend in small circles and work out to the corner of your eye.
4. Apply the same colour under the eye and again to the outer corners.
5. You can apply a light highighter on the brow bone. Make sure its matt not high shine, as shiny can be very aging.
6. Apply a small light colour on the inner of the corner of the eyes this will make your eyes appear larger and brighter.
7. Blend! You can't over blend.
8. Apply brown or black mascara for the finished look on your eyes.
9. Finish off with a nude shade of lipstick.
Smokey Siren
For a smouldering smokey look follow these simple steps which Trude used to give mum Nakita Allington from Bideford a stunning makeover.
1. Find an eyeshadow shade you like and apply it from the bottom of the eyelid up to the crease line. Use small circles with your blending brush. Smooth out any hard lines and work towards the inner eye and then the outer eye.
2. Apply the same colour under the eye lashes.
3. Choose a highlight and apply to the brow bone.
4. For extra wow, try a darker colour over the base colour just in the outer corner of the eye in a > shape.
5. Apply a nice eyeliner which really makes the eye widen. Do not apply eyeliner on the bottom as this can tend to make eyes look smaller.
6. In the inner corner, apply a light highlighter that really makes the eye pop.
7. Finish off with a nice set of false eyelashes.
8. With lipstick go for either a really dark shade or a nude. Don't go for a colour that's mid range.
Daringly Different
If you fancy trying something different, follow these make up steps used by Trude to give Maddison Jett, a hairdresser from Barnstaple, her bold new look.
1. Apply eyelash glue over the bottom of the lid. Then tap on cosmetic glitter, applying this all over the glue.
2. With dark matt shade, create a small line over the creaseline of the eye. Blend this both up and down until all gaps have been covered.
3. Apply a lighter highlight to the brow bone.
4. Apply liner and flick out. Finish with a flick eyeliner.
5. Use bold lipstick as you are going for the wow factor so a strong colour will look fab.

Trude offers the following tips based on your eye colour:
Green eyes: hazel looks good with plum, grey and black tone eye shadows.
Blue eyes: look great with gold, brown and black shades.
Brown eyes: look good with blue, grey and black shades.
Remember make up isn't permanent so play with the colours and find out what suits you.
About Trude
Trude Bosence trained as a hairdresser and beautician at North Devon College 33 years ago, before taking over the make-up department in a hair salon. After a break to raise her family, she worked for local photography businesses, creating glamorous and appealing make-up looks for clients. After seeing how make-up and artistic photographs can boost people's self esteem, Trude set about learning the art of photography.
"If you struggle with any of the looks on this page, please feel free to let me prepare you for that amazing dinner and dance or special party that you are going to. You can contact me through my Facebook page, Trude Bosence Hair and Makeup."