Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My First Bridal Makeup as a Makeup Artist

Hi everyone,

I had this bridal makeup to do for months but they kept shifting the date because of the church thing or pastors but at last they picked the right date. Thinking it was easy for me until I knew about the GTBank Fashion Weekend  which was on the same date Nov 12.

I thought  I'll meet up but I couldn't, because  the naughty bride called me the day before to tell me that I'll need to fix her nails, Makeup  and dress her. I got to her house by 7:55, got a place to stay to do her  makeup but the bulb in that room was not the flurecent bulb, it was all this yellow light. I managed it, I had to put two to three layers of foundation to get her spots and acne covered, I didn't have her color of foundation  but I mixed my own color of Mary Kay foundation with a Classic Makeup USA foundation to get her tone.
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