Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why you should add salt to your coffee

Why You Should Be Putting Salt in Your Coffee
You got less than four hours of sleep last night and you’ve got a huge day at work ahead of you. Thank goodness for…BITTER COFFEE (said no one, ever).
Sipping particularly bitter joe is a major disappointment, but the day must go on. Luckily, there’s a way to revive your cup in a pinch (of salt).
What you need: Coffee and salt.
What you do: Add the salt to the offending coffee and stir.
Why it works: Salt weirdly bonds to the parts of your taste buds that detect bitterness and stops them from properly doing their job. Science!
The end result: You might be able to notice a faint taste of salt, but if you prefer sodium to bitterness, this trick’s for you.

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Common Baking Ingredients

DIY Tiny Yarn Hat Ornaments

note: this is cross-posted from a shop blog, meandering mari. :)

this is part two in our quest for a Crafty Colorful Christmas. you can see the clay gingerbread men ornaments we made last week here.

when thinking about what else we could add to our tree this year, i immediately knew i wanted to incorporate yarn somehow. partly because of the color and texture it would add -- but mostly, because i have a ton of it for my weavings.

what could be cuter and cozier than tiny yarn hats?? done!

they're very easy to make -- K was able to help me with most of it.

also, it's a versatile project. i made ornaments, but these tiny hats could easily make an adorable garland, cute gift toppers...or throw them in a jar as a holiday decoration and call it a day!

bonus: this is a cheap DIY. if you make all your hats the same color, you only need one or two skeins of yarn and some empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

first, i cut a flap off a cardboard box to make my yarn cutting easier (it's exactly the method i used to cut tulle for my DIY tutus.). i trimmed it to approximately 7" long so after wrapping my yarn around and around...

...then snipping at one end...

...i was left with strands about 14-15" long.

next, i cut a ring from the empty cardboard roll about one inch tall.

i looped my strands around the ring, one by one.

i continued looping...

...until i made it completely around the ring.
it looks like a jellyfish!

next, i pushed the long strands inward through the ring:

i used one more strand of yarn to tie the loose ends together, about yay high above the tube:

once tied, i trimmed the top to become the hat's pouf:

repeat as needed!

you can leave one strand long and tie as a loop to hang it -- or use ornament hooks, as i did.

easy, right?

if you're into a handmade christmas like i am, feel free to browse all of my past merryDIY projects here!